Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Star Wars Day!

36 years ago today many kids my age's lives changed forever when Star Wars opened.  It was delayed a day in Kansas City due to a benefit screening on opening night but the wonderful Glenwood Theatre in Overland Park was one of the 32 theaters that got the movie on opening day.  It also was one of the theaters who got Return Of The Jedi on opening day six years later.  I can't believe it's been 30 years since it opened in fabulous 70mm.
I was in Denver at the time seeing my dad.  I remember school getting out earlier than normal that year for some reason and was able to see Jedi at the wonderful Cooper Theatre.  It was similar to the Glenwood but if I remember right, the screen was even bigger.
Anyway, I spent a lot of time that summer at the Blue Ridge East watching the last part of my favorite movie trilogy of all time.  I even made it out to the Glenwood once.  It was a great summer and although I was a little disappointed at the time, Jedi was a fine ending to the one and only (in my opinion) Star Wars Trilogy.  For more Jedi memories, check out the always great Neato Coolville.   The ads are from the 5/25/77 and 5-25-83 Kansas City Star.


Todd Franklin said...

Great post, Mike! You were so fortunate to see Jedi at the Cooper!

jim seabough said...

I remember seeing STAR WARS at the Glenwood. The second day after it opened , first showing and it was a capacity crowd. I'm with you.. the Glenwood was a wonderful venue. I still miss it..

jim seabough said...

Saw STAR WARS on Saturday afte rit opened. First showing and it the theatre was capacity. I'm wiht you I miss the Glenwood. When I was in high school and living in Springfield, the local Dickinson Theatre the Tower would always show an ad for the Glenwood and the motel. There was usually a one sheet posted outside the theatre of whatever was playing at the Glenwood which was one screen back then. Mostly road shows.. Great theatre and 70MM, something we did not have in Springfield at any of the theatres.